ERP 150 striking an arc.

  1. Bobo Member

    So the next question about my old ERP 150 mig is, is it usual for it to splutter a bit when striking an arc. Not all the time, but sometimes it doesn't strike an arc an weld cleanly. Sometimes it's perfect.

    Or would this just be the characteristics of an old welder? Or maybe it's just me.

    Thanks for any replies.
  2. waddycall

    waddycall Member

    United Kingdom
    Snipping the ball on the end of the wire off or striking up on a piece of scrap first usually helps.
  3. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    A good quality ground clamp makes a big difference. Particularly when you have copper contacts on it.
  4. Bobo Member

    Thanks, I already have a good quality earth clamp. Fitted all new good quality earth lead, dinz connector and copper contact clamp a couple of years ago.

    I normally snip the end off the wire when using it aswell. But I must admit not necessarilly everytime..

    But thanks for the input...