Enough difficult to me

  1. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    not just for welding job but plumbing and wood butchery......
    I store the tools in a certain stores stacking green trays.....
    one has the planers, jigsaw, elec drill etc etc...
    so electrical tools, plumbing etc etc...spares for all the trades......
    I just need to grab the trays I need and go.....it does cost a few extra quid to set up but soon pays for itself....
    I have what I call a breakdown kit of tools....has everything from pipe grips to screwdriver bits..spanners....to a huge 1/2 socket set Whit, Unified and metric....even a small oil less comp.....
    the two Stanley boxes are on wheels which help......these tools are a double to whats in the w/shop....
    and are NEVER ever touched during normal duties.....
    the hard part is U just gotta make sure everything is put BACK in its place, everytime......
    don't do enough now for a dedicated van.....
    it all goes back in the back of my T4.....easy....
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  2. Arc Tourist

    Arc Tourist Forum Supporter

    California & Wales
    One thing you need to do before you travel ( unless you have your own generator ) is to find out if the power supply available at the location is adequate for your welder ?
    Also, will you need an extension cord ?
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  3. Memmeddu

    Memmeddu Member

    Italia Sardegna
    It's been my first concern
    Asked and figured out that.
    Only 3kW single phase at the powermeter .
    100+ meters distance between the power meter and the switch panel , other good 70 meters of wires to arrive to the closest socket to the road
    And other 30 good meters between this socket and the road .
    So I've decided to awake my engine driven welder from its sleep .
    Way better in terms of performance and surely safer for me , wouldn't imagine to have to replace 200 meters of wires if the welder need so much power to cause them to start burning .
    That's a good tip because move an engine driven is more expensive than a small inverter welder
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