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    Heres one for ya......

    Imagine if you will, my car door has no lock at all..... Just a rough round hole. Well thats what i have at the moment. My plan is to smooth out the hole, and weld a plate behind it, then apply filler to the outside. After i smooth the filler, prime and paint it....... Will i be able to T-Cut it in so the hole is not really noticable? Or do i need a new door?
    I'm not too worried about putting in a new lock anyway, Its just that i havent done any bodywork on cars before And its just another excuse to get the welder out!! 8)
  2. malcolm

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    It would be best to weld from the outside of the door so you tie down the edges of the hole and reduce the chance of movement and cracking.

    Distortion will be the biggest problem in a thin flat panel. You'll have to tack the plate on, then weld a few tiny runs, maybe 5 to 10mm at a time, then let the door cool before the next run.

    I'm not sure if I'd have a continuous seam weld because of the distortion problems. Problem is the inside of the door will be wet, so if the weld is contiuous water could get behind the filler and cause it to bubble or crack. Possibly seam sealant on the reverse side might prevent this.