Cutting 45 degrees on a rapidor?

  1. julianf

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    Im sure i can do this without asking, but i suspect someone may have some tips to make life easier?

    Ive only ever cut 90s on mine. The vice jaws are, pretty much, self 'centring' to 90, as, if the jaws themselves are loose, then tightening up the vice will pull them into parallel.

    Which is pretty much my question - if you screw them down at 45 degrees, theyre just going to be working against the vice as you tighten up? Im thinking this isnt really ideal, but, i guess works...

    ...unless anyone has any tips for me to do it another way?
  2. sako243

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    If I remember correctly (can't be bothered to walk outside and unlock the workshop to check mine) but doesn't only one jaw rotate? Can you then just put a 45° wedge in the fixed jaw and the rotating jaw will then clamp against it?
  3. brightspark

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    both of mine turn. there a bad idea as said when tightened they try to turn back to 90. both swivel :(best facing the angle the same way as the cut gently tighten and use a fine blade
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  4. hotponyshoes Member

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    Bit of steel block that sits in the channel behind the inner vice jaw, another bit of block/plate welded/bolted at 45deg on top for the inner edge of the inner jaw to press up against before tightening?

    Or, as above, could you make an insert at 45deg that drops over one or maybe both jaws so the jaws themselves stay parallel to the machine
    I cut angles on mine but it's not quite the same as yours, my inner vice jaw has 2 bolts, one through a hole and one through a circular slot so it stays in place pretty well.
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  5. Fazerruss

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    No problems cutting angles on mine....

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