Cost and ins/outs of EN 1090 certification?

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    I'm going to start looking into this for our internal quality standards (not for CE marking per se, but as an assurance for HSE), and also wondering about the ins and outs of doing it self-employed part-time for CE farm buildings, etc.

    - Qualification for butt and fillet welds on general <S355 steelwork - qualification range, number of procedures needed? Do you bother with butt welds at all, and just design for fillets? It looks like it's 9606-1/15614 needed to fulfil the 1090 spec?

    - Quality management - similar to that of pipework? I.e. our current piping standards are worked around ASME B31.3 with 9606-1 welder qualification, and mostly visual inspection/pressure testing for normal service, with 3rd party inspection when required. Assuming the 1090 standard has all this in it?

    Before I delve into it and buy a copy of the standards, anyone care to share their experiences? What works, what doesn't? Is it going to be unrealistic to apply the standard when not strictly asked for?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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    There is a thread on it, but its involved and i don't think it came to a conclusion
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    EN1090 is easy enough to get through, just need to embrace it. The main things you need are a FPC (Factory Production Control) manual, a Responsible Welding Co-Ordinator (internal or external), weld procedures in place and welders qualified to those procedures. Also a few other documents and standards, but really nothing too hard and it doesn’t have to cost a huge amount either. If you want to chat then feel free to send me a PM.
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