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  1. Justme

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    Pwllheli Wales
    I am looking to lay a pad for two vehicle lifts.
    A 2 post & a 4 post.

    Minimum size 7m by 7m & poss up to 7m x 10m.

    I have only ever done small areas before.

    A few questions.

    Would you use rebar?
    How thick? 4" meets the spec for the lifts.
    Would you change how thick if you do / dont use rebar?
    Is one slab better/ easier or would you fit each lift on its own slab?
    How deep for the compacted base?
    I am not sold on strands for strength but for small cracks they seem to have a place.
    Would you agree?
    If I have to span a 40mm stone filled in french drain would that be an issue?

    Any tips?
  2. Anguz

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    i like using rebar puely for the thought that some poor sod will swear about me when they are trying to dig it up in years to come
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  3. addjunkie

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    Northumberland. Reet oot in the sticks
    Its about 11 cube if you do the full thing in 1 at 150mm. Id probably ask for C35, and would use mesh. Hardcore 40mm crusher run 150 thick, blind with sand and DPM. Get the concrete wagon as close as you can, and run the mix straight in. You could do it in 2, but put rebar accross the joint. You want at least 3 people. If you cant get the concrete waggon close get a dumper, or pump.

    Ill be doing 18m3 in a few weeks for a barn. Going to do it in 3, 6m drops as cant get the big wagon in.

    How wide is the french drain.....
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  4. 8ob

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    moscow on thames
    Richie I have recently put in a base for our truck 6 poster, thats 40`by about 25`ish. Because the lift bases need to dead level I have put aco drains around the outside for runoff and will be using them between this pour and the next one as an expansion joint. The slabs 6" thick and reinforced , I have thickened it around the perimeter and kept the reinforcing mesh pushed down slightly where the anchor bolts need to go. Its no fun drilling reo with a masonry drill :vsad:. Its tamped and then finished off with a gurt bull float, tamped finish would be a ballache to level up the stanchions on and to keep clean.

    IMG_3044.JPG IMG_3045.JPG
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  5. Pete.

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    Kent, UK
    7mx10m x100mm thick is 7 cube or just about a lorry load. I'd lay weld mesh under those ramps for sure. Good substrate is the key just like Addjunkie says.
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