Compressor and Sand Blaster Product Review Please

  1. Hi;

    I have been looking for a new compressor and was advised on here to get a Wolf Dakota 3HP 14CFM.
    They were on sale for less than £200 when I sold my old Snapon but since have gone up to £249 (Still a good price).
    I am also considering a Sand / Soda Blaster to save me some money of doing some carbs and Engine block and Ali Clutch Housing etc.
    I am about to buy one but have just spotted a Clarke Sand Blaster locally FS £100 and the guy also has a Burisch BT390T 3HP 90L Compressor, the blaster is a CPSB200B 63L Pressurised Sandblaster although it looks like the smaller one in the pic he sent.

    Anyway, I am viewing tomorrow AM (first thing) but need some advice on whether the Burisch is worth getting (compared to the Wolf Dakota 90L 3HP) and what sort of price (it looks in very good condition).
    Also how do you guys rate the Clarke stand up blasters. He is selling it with the Soda adaptor and 2 x 20Kg bags of glass.

  2. Been waiting for a reply on this - then realised I hadn't posted it DOH!!
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    The Burisch is the same as the Wolf compressor with a different paint job Jonny, can't comment on the blaster though. The UKHS Wolf seller is local for me and I bought one at £195 around Christmas to replace my SIP direct drive.
  4. Yes I missed out on the Wolf when it was on sale at Christmas. As you said they are exactly the same machine and the Wolf has has some really good reviews. I have been trying to find info on the blaster, very few reviews but for serious blasting (which I not) it looks like the parts wear out too quick and it clogs with water. The guy is selling it with a Soda attachment which makes it seem attractive. I need something to do carbs, aluminium clutch housings and an engine block and wanted to save money doing it myself.
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    Have you considered wet blasting Jonny? I have a few blasting set ups here and have found anything less than a road tow compressor with a Clemco pot very underwhelming, temperamental and very time consuming. I used a sand blasting attachment on a pressure washer a while back and was suitably impressed, basically a sand/grit syphon on the end of a lance. Decant the sand/grit into a clean/dry 20ltr container and make a hole in the lid for the syphon tube which will protect it from splash/moisture, simple as that. I am pretty sure the inventive amongst us could find a way of containing the mess:) A mate of mine blasts into one of those kiddies blow up paddling pools.

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  6. I looked at some of your posts on here ref wet sanding a while ago. End state it I would need a better Pressure Washer than the one I have, but I also need an AIr Compressor. Basically I have just picked up the Burisch 90L 3HP Compressor and the blaster for £300 (The compressor was £200 and he wouldn't shift on price as he reckoned it was only about 4 months old, original invoice to follow). He bought it from

    The cheapest I can find the Wolf Dakota is £259.94 with £19.99 Next day delivery. So OK I could have bought a brand new one for about £80 more and I preferred the look of name of the Wolf but as long as it works it's all cosmetic :-)

    I'll have a play with the blaster but need to make some sort of enclosure and get some PPE before I use it. If it turns out naff I'll try and sell it on.

    I'll post up some pics later.
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    I run the larger pot I have with a road tow and also use the smaller pot I made with a 3mm jet and a 28cfm comp. it works very well with no problems and I can use it in the cabinet big enough to take car wheels with tires on stop water getting in to it which I have done and fit a decent media regulator not as crappy ball valve and it runs all day without problems ive been using mine for 45 years :)
  8. So you modified the media regulator on the small Clarke blaster?
    I’d like to see som details and pics of the cabinet.
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    here's the ones i make there a direct copy of a Clemco mini pot . I make all of it but you can modify the cheap Clarke ones if you don't want to completely make them out of gas bottles
    • DSCF1184.JPG
    • DSCF1187.JPG
    • DSCF1220.JPG
    • DSCF1221.JPG