CO2 gas reg and gauges

  1. Neil. Member

    Mine leaks all over the place, so I think its best to get a new one.

    Its a female nut on it, I know its a bone question, but what do I need?
    I'd like one with a duel outlet as I've just got a Kemppi Kempomat 150 for the princely sum of 150 quid and I'm keen to have it going tomorrow.
    If anyone has any ideas, Its Amazon if anyone answers in time!

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  2. tom2207 Member

    uk northern ireland
    could you take a pic from a different angle please ,, front or side .
  3. hotponyshoes Member

    Somerset. Uk
    The female nut is standard for co2. It's a good idea to get a pack of the washers as well and use a few one every time you change the bottle but you can get away with reusing them just remember to turn the bottle off after welding.

    If you want to use 2 welders from one bottle then its easiest to fit a quick connector (airline type/rectus 21/etc) and put matching fittings on all the welders.
    That makes it easy if you ever get any other types of gas then as well.

    If you want to run 2 at the same time (or purge) then you can just take out the low pressure gauge (if you dont have a second LP port) and fit pea shooters onto both outlets. Set the reg to just over the combined flow for both.