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  1. Blackjack Member

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  2. Shox Dr

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    East Yorkshire
    I'm sure I saw this bike at the 2005 TT. Just had a look on his site and it doesn't look like there has been any development since 2004. A real pity
  3. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Probably the reason there has been no further development is John Britten died of cancer if you can get a hold of his video it is well worth a watch takes you through from development to racing shows you him casting his own cases and barrels developing his carbon fibre front end and such.
    He had the bike over racing at the 1994 or 95 TT cant remember who was riding the bike was someone from the UK but sure they got killed. Sounded lovely and looked amazing bit like a Rhino snout on it. A very talented man nothing would put him off just got the head down and got on with it dont know of anyone that has seen the video and has not had admaration for what he had achieved.
  4. graffian

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    Mark Farmer from Crawley was the bloke who died on a Britten.
  5. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Had a grey moment at 4 this morning could not remember his name he was good on a bike and fast.
    I was racing there that year it did put a damper in the camp. Sure it was the Thursday evening practice there was a lot of mist and rain on the mountain section.
  6. jonnieboy Member

    yorkshire england
    spent a whole day in a nz museum looking at that bike and reading about his work

    proper inventor
  7. darren.a.roberts Member

    truely a talented engineer, and as Sam said, if he didn't have it, he built it. I remember hearing that he also made his own autoclave to build the carbon fibre components in. The world is a lesser place without people like JB around.