Clarke SE16C150 advice req’d.

  1. Exuptoy

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    Maesteg, South Wales
    I’m toying with getting a mew compressor as mine is getting on a bit. It’s the Clarke SE16C150 3HP/2.2KW unit. It’s dated 04 and I got it at least 10 years ago for £120 as it wasn’t building pressure. Changed the Reed plate for £37 I think it was and it’s been ok for years but it always niggles me that it isn’t as good as it should be.
    Does anyone know the expected performance for this machine like how long it should take to fill from empty and how long it should take from the cut in point when it’s in operation?
    I don’t need a new one and if it’s as it should be then I’ll stick with it.

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    Wrexham, North Wales
    I’ve got a 2.2 kw 150 l comp (not Clark) and I’d reckon it takes about 4-5 mins or so to fill from empty.

    How long it takes from start up when in operation would depend on what you are running from it at the time, and how low your pressure switch is set to come on at - if I’m using something intermittent and the pressure drops just enough to start the motor (and I’m not using air) I’d guess at around a minute or so before it cuts out again?? If I’m using something like a die grinder it can take ages before it cuts out again as you are using the air almost as fast as it’s getting put in.
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