clading ceiling and walls easy clamps

  1. gaz1

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    im doing burdekins cladding in wood ceiling and walls wanted some sort of clamp or vice to clamp wood up and push them together

    spotted this on you tube

    so made some quick ones up using some 6" joists and nogged out so i could screw into the joists

    simple idea for the above video

    grind the lug off turn it around and youve got a clamp

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  2. Burdekin

    Burdekin Chief Bodger

    Another thing @gaz1 showed us on the weekend was the laser level and tripod he asked me to get for the job, it really is an excellent bit of kit for this job for not much money, links below. It shoots a horizontal and or vertical line onto the walls. The cottage was built around 1780 so as you would expect walls and ceilings aren’t perfect, lots of angles, and Gaz is using the laser not only to line up the board he is installing but ensuring it lines up with other boards he will be doing in other areas of the cottage. I think a lot of folk may not bother with that kind of detail but if you really want to do a good install throughout a room then the laser is an excellent tool to make it easier.
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