Changing from single to 2 phase

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    Anyone got a welder something like the one below? Want to configure for 400v
    I think the links need to be a and b with the 2 lives on the 2 l terminals IMG_20190420_133436506.jpg IMG_20190420_133600027.jpg IMG_20190420_133436506.jpg IMG_20190420_133600027.jpg 155576444405192635871.jpg
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    Italia Sardegna
    Connect both link between A and B that's said on the chart
    But if you have a DMM (multimeter) you can read how many ohms you have now between the connection (230/250V ) and connect where you have the double or more ohms
    I think that is the way how this works
    Phase 1 on L
    Phase 2 on L (exactly where the cables are)
    You must only move the two brass links as that they can connect only A and B together