Cebora 130 problem

  1. Kernowcamuk New Member

    been a long time since I was last on here, years.

    Can someone help please.
    My cebora pocket turbo 130 is struggling on. Just fitted a new liner and toch line and revived it again and performing well for my occasiOnal needs.

    However yesterday the trigger button is letting gas through but seems to suddenly need extra pressure on the lever to get the wire feed to move and weld.

    Any thoughts please? Presumably if the motor and welder are not starting it's some sort of control board, relay or trigger button but not sure how to test.

    I suspect I should have bought a new torch complete however not sure whicH to but etc.

    Thanks, glad the forum is still going strong.
  2. skotl

    skotl Forum Supporter

    Edinburgh, UK
    Welcome back :waving:

    If it's extra pressure required at the torch then it's going to be a problem in there, not in the main unit.

    There's not much to torches so I'd take it apart and give it a blast of compressed air in case it's all gunked up (or a hoover if you don't have a compressor).

    A new torch can be had for less than £20 so it's not the end of the world if you have to replace it.