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  1. lexi Member

    I`ve got a Honda Accord exhaust manifold with a lovely hair crack around the tube circumference. Gives a lovely throaty sounding exhaust. I may try to weld it as I`ve nothing to lose considering what Honda want for a new one. So maybe a job for 210 amp arc with a cast iron type rod which can be got on Ebay. I notice these rods have nickel in them. Would my stainless rods be any good? I have oxy acy to heat job beforehand and keep hot after welding to make sure it don`t cool too quick. Was going to try and remove a 2 or 3 mm section with a file to get some filler rod in without losing the fit of the fracture any comments appreciated.
  2. metal_god Member

    hey, i think ones of the guys on here attempted something like this a month or two ago so just hang around and you'll get your answer
  3. malcolm

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    Sounds like you have the right plan. I've never stick welded, but my book suggests the nickel rods are the way forward - less prone to cracking than cast iron rods. Stainless ones wouldn't be sensible - cast iron welding is pain enough as it is so it's best to use the correct rods.
  4. Hitch

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    Yes, nickel rods or with a nickel content (nickel/iron) will be the ones.
    The nickel is more ductile than the iron will help absorb some of the stresses so helps prevent cracking.
    Set your machine up with the electrode -, this will help control the heat affected zones.

    As for the pre/post heat, sounds good.

    I have only done it once with mma, so by no means an expert on it!