Bumpy Welds

  1. kuhlryde Member

    Very cool site you have here! I am gald I found it!!

    I have a little 120 volt Century welder. It is kind of old, but it was free.:mrgreen:

    I usually do not have problems with it, but for some reason I cannot get my settings correct. I am welding some 18 gauge steel and my welds are turning bumpy. It appears I am getting partial penetration and sometimes blow through. No matter what I do, however, I cannot seem to get a weld that is a puddle. They all have little bumps on them. Can anyone tell me what is causing this?

  2. malcolm

    malcolm Hej!

    Bedford UK
    OOp missed your post. Sorry.

    I'd be interested to see photos of your welds. It could well be a wire feed issue if the welder used to work OK but is causing problems now.
  3. kuhlryde Member

    Oh I forgot to update my post! I figured out that I didnt have enough gas at the nozzle. There was hardly any there.