Bumpy Welds

  1. kuhlryde Member

    Very cool site you have here! I am gald I found it!!

    I have a little 120 volt Century welder. It is kind of old, but it was free.:mrgreen:

    I usually do not have problems with it, but for some reason I cannot get my settings correct. I am welding some 18 gauge steel and my welds are turning bumpy. It appears I am getting partial penetration and sometimes blow through. No matter what I do, however, I cannot seem to get a weld that is a puddle. They all have little bumps on them. Can anyone tell me what is causing this?

  2. malcolm

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    Bedford UK
    OOp missed your post. Sorry.

    I'd be interested to see photos of your welds. It could well be a wire feed issue if the welder used to work OK but is causing problems now.
  3. kuhlryde Member

    Oh I forgot to update my post! I figured out that I didnt have enough gas at the nozzle. There was hardly any there.