Brand New Turbo MIG 150

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    Screenshot_2015-09-23-02-11-05.png Hi all,
    I am new here, this is my first post.
    I just recieved shipment on my new Turbo MIG 150. The feeble Manual that was in the box says Wolf as the Brand. Im hoping it is truthful and not a Chinese knockoff. I have a Harbor Freight MIG 100 I have been using for a few years. Im a hobby welder. My Mig 100 is flux wire only.
    It was time for me to upgrade to Gas Mig welding. Im tired of all the splatter and grinding of the flux wire. I will be trying this unit out soon. I have a regulator, and two tanks about to arrive. Then I will set it up for gas. I am hoping you folks here can give me some insight on this unit, and what I can expect
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    Hi Steve
    Please see my pm to you regarding your user id, using your email address is not a good idea.
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    40 years ago Wolf was one of the best British brands of power tools. They went out of business and the brand was sold off as one of the assets, modern Wolf equipment doesn't have the same reputation as of old.

    You can find out more by searching the Intellectual Property Office website