Bought a big Arc Welder that blows fuses.

  1. johnna Member

    Thanks Supinder. I'll absorb that info and use it. Thanks!
  2. Kolinski New Member

    Oxfordshire, UK
    After a quick look at your welder, you will need a 32 Amp 'C' Type circuit breaker (MCB)
    which will take the starting load current. It MUST be a 'C' type as 'As and Bs' will not do it. There must be nothing else on the circuit. In your workshop, you should have a 32 amp isolator and/or isolated socket and plug. Don't be tempted to use a cooker or shower point switch !!!
    Also, ensure that the circuit is well earthed back as far as your main RCB.
    Your welder will pull about 24 amps on full load.