Basic settings for a newbie

  1. Barrysh New Member

    Hi, I have inherited a Snap On Mig 130 Turbo and I want to practice laying on some welds at various power settings and wire speeds. I am just going to use a piece of scrap 3/16 steel and flux core wire. As a starting point what power settings should I use and what wire speed. There are 2 switches one either 2 or 1 and the other either max or min. The wire speed doesn't have numbers but has 10 segments marked on the dial from small segment rising to large. Sorry if this sounds too simplistic but we all have to start somewhere. Thanks, Barry
  2. MoreWellie Forum Supporter

    Bedfordshire, UK
    I think the snap on 130 is gas only. if you are using flux core gasless wire then you need to reverse the polarity for optimum results and I am not sure you can do it with that welder as standard

    3/16 will do for a test but would be more than I would expect that welder to weld satisfactorily. I would start with 2 Max. Start with the wire speed around 7 and try varying it from there