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    Hi Everyone I know a majority if not all of you will say primmer and paint again , but can you put basecoat over 2k and then clear ?
    I'm only asking as in the past I used 2k primmer then apply base and then 2k clear.
    This time I'd thought I'd speed things up buy doing 2k primmer then applying 2k (black) ontop. I used upol products and the black I used is junk.
    Now matter what grade I use to flat from 1000- 4000 trizact the finish is rubbish. It's dull no matter what compound I use and isn't even scratch resistant.
    A few years back I did a black paint job the correct way and was sooooooo happy with the final finish , now compared to what I have now I want to set the car alight.
    I was wondering if I flatted back to say a 500-600 grit would basecoat adhire and then I can use 2k clear.
    I know it's being lazy to not start all over but it's a old s class, there's a lot of car.
    Many thanks for any input.

  2. If you have a good and stable base then of course you can. However, if the finish is soft and dull, it suggests that it had no hardener put in it, a mistake I have made when incorrect materials were supplied. That had a soft and dull surface. Give it a wipe with thinners, if any transfers fetch it all off. It it doesn't transfer then go ahead if you must, but remember that your final job is only as good as what is underneath.
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    I echo the above
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    yeah the fact its soft shouts theres an issue

    over sound , cured 2k yeah you can sand it and paint over it
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    If going dull there is certainly a curing issue, to be honest i dont really rate some of the upol products.

    You would not have to apply basecoat you could just flat the black 2k and clearcoat it.

    I would be very wary of putting high solvent content basecoat over your 2k it may re-act, there is so much solvent in basecoat it can be aggressive over fresh paint, you can do it just need to go with a couple of pretty light coats

    But as mentioned no need to simply clearcoat over what you have.