Anyone else have a GYS Smartmig 3P?

  1. a111r Member

    There's not much on here about GYS MIGs over the last 9 years.

    Anyway, I nabbed one of these early this year and I am very impressed with it.

    Well built, a real step change from the usual hobby MIGs that I'm use to.
    Inside it was oddly very tidy for an 8 year old machine, coming from an industrial previous owner... as in totally crud free.:dontknow:

    Quite an unusual machine spec. wise. Transformer-based but with DC MMA capability, via a chopper circuit, I believe? Strikes up real nice on some aging rods I had.

    I'm not sold on the 'Smart' bit of these GYSs, though. It's basically a 'cheat sheet' on the front panel, which I'd rather wasn't there. But for a novice it could be a bonus, I suppose.

    The minimum amperage is 35. Lower would have been nicer for thin metal, with no cost penalty winding the transformer. That's the only thing the older SIPs got right, at 25 Amps.

    Mine has now been modified. The missing reel cover panel is now made of a chopped up Clarke side panel, painted quickly ... so looks like the MG crackle dash finish! :D :doh:
  2. Hutcho Member

    Made this side cover last week out of old Clarke for a Clarke
    • 44D38956-968A-44FC-87AF-EF286CBFAA44.jpeg