Aluminium part 2

  1. Stanley Member

    Finally got it together, argon, 0.9mm tips(no 1.0mm in stock)
    and time. Oxide all cleaned of and ready to go. First attempt and the tip blew out completely to the thread(had to drill it out). Next attempt, increased wire speed a little and lost half the tip.:mad: AAAARGH!!!!
    Thought it time to change the settings. Wire speed up again and there goes tip 3:(. Second last tip, wire speed almost full and power on about half and you little ripper :D better weld than I've ever even done with steel.
    I'm lovin' this. I even welded more than I needed to just because I could.
    Thanks for the tips Malc.
  2. malcolm

    malcolm Hej!

    Bedford UK
    I love it when a plan comes together. :D Aluminium is trickier than steel, but it sounds like you have the hang of it. Did you have any inspiration moments that could be added to the aluminium welding page?

    No idea why the tips should be burning out. I did about 10 metres of alu welding with one tip and it was fine at the end of it. You mentioned you had a SIP 150 dual purpose. You haven't connected the earth to positive have you?
  3. Stanley Member

    I think it was just the settings as thats the only thing I changed that made a difference. Anyway it's all good now. One thing I did notice which you had mentioned about welding allie is that you need to move really fast.