Air fed mask. What do i need?

  1. Ed. Member

    P100 filters should remove 99.97% of the fine dust, metal and wood particles but spray painting/fumes I think you need different types of filters (charcoal?) depending on the type of paint you use, plus probably would be advisable to use pre-filters as well.

    I don't think that you can get a one type mask with a "does all" filter. I don't have a air fed welding mask, I just use a 3M 7502 with a P100 2091/2097 pancake filter for general welding and woodwork, and another 3M 7502 mask with a different spray painting filter and pre-filter on it for painting.

    So the Speedglas with air feed or something similar will be fine for the welding part ( that is what they are designed for) but I don't think that I would use it for spray painting.
  2. davidjohnperry a different breed

    I've just brought the sentinel air package with a grinding shield that fits the esab par pack I've brought this because even though I use speed glas stuff in work and own my own I just need something that is lighter and is cheaper to replace I'm 700 quid in for the complete unit and to replace my adflo stuff for new is 1500 so really its horses for course. Sorry I go on. It really depends on what you want from it for hobby welding any kinda of air fed will be ok but it's like every thing the more you spend the better the quality I will be doing a full review of the sentinel and comparing it and I'll be totally honest about it
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