Adapter for used cutting discs

  1. bricol Member

    N.Yorks, UK
    Definitely - air tool may well run well over double the speed of an electric grinder!

    And if you are like me, bulk bought cut off discs when the price was good, you are using discs that are pre-expiry date - so they disintigrate as they spin up on a battery grinder!
  2. Munkul

    Munkul Jack of many trades, Master of none

    sounds like a good idea at first, but when you think about the cost of small discs, it's not really worth it... Those die grinders can spin seriously fast, and think about how you use them... when I use a die grinder I'm up close and personal with it, exactly where you DON'T want to be if an over-speeding blade shatters.

    Be cheap and take risks in other areas, I'm certainly not risk-averse.

    But with abrasive discs and the HUGE increase in probability of failure in overspeed, it's not worth the massive risk of injury.
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