45 Deg Cuts

  1. rtcosic

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    Is this technique as straightforward as it seems? Am I missing something?

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  2. slim_boy_fat

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    I stopped watching when I saw him welding without a lid and what appear to be clear safety glasses, no gloves either. I'm a rank amateur but even I wouldn't do that. :vsad:

    Is it unkind to label him an idiot? :scared:
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  3. skotl

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    Edinburgh, UK
    That's astonishing.
    It looks like he does good work (judging by the first 30 seconds of the vid) but the guy must be living under a rock if he thinks that's acceptable.
    I posted here a couple of years back when I was welding my trailer - had fire-retardant overalls, welding gloves, welding mask and hat on but still managed to sunburn my throat because my overalls weren't done up.

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  4. stuvy

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    If I’m spot welding and v v v v v lazy I will look away and spot weld

    Iv welded for almost 20 years and in a heavy industrial environment yes you do get sun burn but that day in day out a few spit welds and looking away is fine
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  5. minimutly Member

    Pembrokeshire Wales
    Well it's his workshop, his hands, and I'm assuming he closed his eyes while tacking. His H&S may not be up to much, but he's no idiot obviously.
    Intersting thing he did with that 45deg cut, I have some of those clamp tools too, never used mine either.
    Couldn't pin his accent down - Irish, Canadian?
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  6. rtcosic

    rtcosic Member

    I was initially very distracted by his accent which seemed to wander around the world! I too settled on Irishman settled in Canada.

    I was interested in the 45 deg cuts and overall technique, not his North American approach to HSE.
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  7. outofthefire

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    When I was building wagons I'd tack up all day without a mask either looking away, shutting my eyes or putting a gloved hand over the torch. If I was doing it a lot i'd put sun block on and the clear glasses stop accidental flash. There are times when the mask is more trouble and time consuming than it's worth. I've had flash and bad sunburn once or twice, but it was when I was a lot younger and didn't know what I know now
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  8. outofthefire

    outofthefire Member

    I'd say yes the technique is just as it seems, it's how i'd do it, except in my opinion he's fitted the cap the wrong way round the it's going to want to open as the cars going down the road.
  9. SierraV6 Member

    North East England
    That’s a great technique for letting in replacement/repair sections, I’m going to try it. One of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ techniques!

    In regard to the lack of PPE, I’m sure we’ve all closed our eyes and quickly tacked something, I know I have on occasion, but this guy is posting educational videos so should really set a better example. I always remind myself that just because you’ve done something for years and gotten away with it it doesn’t mean you’re immune to the danger....
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  10. stuvy

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    it’s a buck or rear pick up bed and they drive on the wrong side of the road so it’s correct for them
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  11. rtcosic

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    I thought that at first as well. But he describes how the bed has been cut so I think the left hand edge is the front of the bed.
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  12. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    I’d put a drink on it that the piece you see on the left goes behind the cab and the missing bit on the right is where a tailgate goes in
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