316L SHS Fillet Parameter Suggestions

  1. oliwb Member

    Hopefully a fairly easy one this....my old welder broke and with it I would've known exactly what wire feed and voltage setting to use (but stupidly I never measured and recorded it). I've bought myself a new Oxford welder which is due to arrive literally days before Christmas and I have a PO for a job that is supposed to be out by the 22nd. So basically I have no time to get to know the new power plant. My new welder has the luxury of voltage and current meters and so I was just hoping if someone could give me some baseline parameters for fillet welding 316L 25mm square hollow section (2mm wall) with 0.8mm 316L wire and Trimix (He/Ar/CO2). Obviously I'll rattle off some test pieces and will need to tweak it but if anyone can help me zero in to start that would be good. I was thinking around 100A and 20V but not sure if that might be a little high for that size of wire.

    For reference the new welder is an Oxford S-MIG 270.