2004 fiesta heater probs

  1. zardoz

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    Chetser, UK
    A while back i took the dash off my fiesta to get at the radio. A bit of a pain but no other way to do it. When i put it back together i noticed the heater no longer blew hot air, only cold. I asumed it was that i had not put the heater switch back together correctly or aire had come away from the ratchet thing that pulls the wire in and out [see pic] But on inspection it looks fine. Any ideas what i have done to it. A bad time of ear to be without a heater when i am on 5.30am start
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  2. rikrobson

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    the thermostat is in the control box. it uses electrickery to control the solenoid that sits on top of the scuttle.
    The one in our puma got stuck on and a new unit fixed it.
    its that or the solenoid could be stuck. I cant remember if it defaults on or off, so you could try unpluging the solenoid