16a single phase in shed

  1. Froweld New Member

    Dorset, uk
    Hi everyone. I’ll soon be building myself a small garden worshop which will basically be a decent sized shed with a power supply. I’m looking at R-tech tig and mig machines which although will run on a 13a “normal plug” requires a 16a (blue plug) input to be able to use full capacity. So what my question is; has anyone had a 16a outlet installed at home and how much roughly was the cost and is a 16a outlet doable/allowed in a shed? TIA
  2. cheb Forum Supporter

    Outer Hebrides
    Yes, I've one in the workshop. I don't know how much as I did it myself 20 years ago. There's a ring main for the normal three pin 13A sockets and a radial for the 16A. The nice man from the council signed it off and didn't look aghast when he saw it.
  3. Pigeon_Droppings2 Member

    I ran a big armoured cable to the garage and had a consumer unit fitted. I think once you have a main supply sorted you can have whatever you want.

    Mine wasn't that expensive but the guy was doing the house so threw it in for cost of materials I think.

    Having said that....I run my Kemppi mig off a 13a plug and never needed the 16a circuit for it so might be worth checking what is needed for what you are planning to weld before spending.
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