Have Your Say

I do my best with the tutorials, but I don't know everything. If you've just read a page and have found it doesn't mention something very useful, was poorly described, or just plain wrong then I'd appreciate your input.

There are two good ways to contact me with your feedback. Well, one good way and one slightly iffy way - I'm really bad at email but I'm on the forum several times a day and read everything there.

If you post on the forum with suggestions to improve these pages then others will be able to pitch in to validate your ideas and add their own suggestions. We can really improve the page from that. That's why the forum is the best place to report concerns or suggest ideas.

If you really don't want to join the forum then you can email me at (though please forgive me for being really bad at organising and responding to emails). I'll still act on them.

Please don't use email for questions about your specific welder problems - I most likely won't answer them. You might be more comfortable with emails than forums, but I really don't have the spare time. Forum is really quick and easy to use - try it out.