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    i have a 11 yr old seigen 210 turbo ( black & grey) and after being layed up since i moved i had a problem, to cut a long story short i was convinced there was a voltage drop at selector switch so I marked which cable went where and dismantled the switch ( no doubt some of you are laughing at this point) well the segments came apart and now i have no idea how it goes back together, orientation of cams to each other etc, so as I'm skint i was hoping to use several switches to replace the obselete 6 position bremas rotary and wire those up
    the copper wires from tranni to switch consisted of
    2 x white sheathed with 2 heavy copper conductors in each
    1x red sheathed with 1 heavy & 1 light conductors
    1x red sheathed with 2x light conductors
    1x red sheathed with 1 light conductor
    I have tried with an ohmmeter but see continuity only on the last 2
    plus on switch: p & n line in, small red & blue to 240/24 tranni and blue to contactor

    I asked for a schematic from sealey and they sent it for a 190 so assume it's the same,however it doesnt show switch!
    so I'm in the poo now
    can anyone help?
  2. the snooper

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    how many connections direct to the switch ?
  3. gascon Member

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    5 from main transformer
    1 from 240/24 tranni (240 side) doubled to red heavy/light(1 of the 5)
    2 blues doubled out to contactor and 240/24 tranni
    1 to phase in
    1 to neutral in
    hope that helps
  4. the snooper

    the snooper getting older by the day

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    how many power setting does the welder have 5?
  5. gascon Member

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    yes, switch has off +plus 1,2,3,4,5
  6. the snooper

    the snooper getting older by the day

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    check the transformer just to make sure the negative isnt a sixth wire on it
    i would have expected it should be wired in something like this number 1 to be wired live all the time the welder is powered as this is the lowest setting and then 2,3,4,5 switched in as more power is required

    but that could also be wrong as the original switch may have just switched between windings with different combinations to achieve the settings
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    thanks for that snooper, it makes sense, although I don't know if switch was selective or cumulative either and also which transformer wire should be connected to neutral, having a schematic of original bremas switch would help but I cant find one and I'm sure they would have made different options on same switch anyway
    If anyone has any info on the machine or other solutions I would appreciate it
  8. mike 109444

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    Gascon try going to sprecherschuh.com and on left side of page near bottom of list see "rotary cam switches" You should find if you follow there web site through there are pdf's of switch types. May confuse you even more!!.
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    thanks Mike, confused - me? well yes too many to choose from
    i have sent a email giving them all the references from bremas switch and asked if they can supply a replacement,at least i should see how its wired although as yet no reply
    If they are heplful i'll let you know
  10. guydio New Member

    I could do with wiring diagram for the power switch too. I've had problems with mine, I made the same mistake taking it apart (all the springs and cams pop out-be warned!!) I only wanted to clean the contacts with some contact spray lube. Well I managed to put the switch back together but I want to double check the position of all the wires to the switch. Has anyone got the same machine they could take off the side cover just to take some photos to post on here for us all? Thanks.
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