wrought iron planter

  1. hi,can any one give sum idea of what to charge to make window planter,6FT long,9inch deep and 10inch high,using 10mm round bar bent at 9inch 26 off welded to 30x6 flat bar as in pic,painted black, cheers stu
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  2. mr migwire

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    thats nice mate, price your material pluss vat, add your time @hourly rate and then add in a % of your consumables, wire, gas cutting disks, etc.

    hopr this helps mate......
  3. chunkolini

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    Welcome aboard Gatestyles.

    Pricing Hmm? The difficult one.

    I find the best way to figure put a price for a one off like this is to estimate how long it will take to make it add on 50%, cost up the materials and add on 50%. The round it up and include a haggle factor.

    Say around £300. But add on 50 quid, it sounds more serious. As though you have calculated a price.

    If people like something enough they will pay what it is worth. if they wont then they dont deserve it. For stuff like this it a bit of a vanity thing, they do not 'Need' it they would like it. It does not have any real function or Do anything, just nice to look at.

    I would have rounded off the top front corners.

    What is the interesting looking thingy on the wall? Not the lamp you fool.

  4. Welderpaul

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    For a one-off, commerical customer - £1,500. Domestic customer *shudders* about £500.
    Lots of messing about to make those. Controlling distortion will be an issue.
  5. seanlogie Member

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    Jeez i'm going to start fabbing this stuff again there's money to be made
  6. Ian D Member

    :o You must live in a good area for work £500, people would gripe at £150 around here.:)
  7. Welderpaul

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    Nah, not really. The time that it would take a fabricator to cut, bend, punch, weld, clean up, and coat can easily earn the business that amount of money in half the time doing something else for a commercial customer. Thats therefore the price we would charge;)
    If people accept, then great, if not, no problem.

    I undoubtedly undercharged for gates/railings when i first started, mainly because there is so much competition, people are willing to work for peanuts and have much lower overheads.
  8. seanlogie Member

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    :o seriously
  9. Justme

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    Needs a back on it anyway or the wall will get damp. Unless its to hold plastic troughs in which case why but something nice like that.
  10. chunkolini

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    People will pay for quality.
    If they wont they can bog off.

    But to make quality stuff and get a reputation for it you have to prove you can do it. How? by doing it and selling it, often at first far to cheaply.

    I am working on a job now, 4 years back I did a similar assembly, a set of panels for a garden screen. Each one was £250.00. The recent ones are several times that price. The first ones paid me a daily rate that was ok at the time, but they got in my portfolio and got me the latest job.

    Your old work is what sells the work you are doing now and in the future.

    Once you have sold a piece of your work never put your price down, include a hefty haggle factor, charge twice the cost of materials and over order (sets you up for the next job), if the customer bits your hand off at that price net time whack the haggle factor up.

  11. RedOrZed Member

    Surely making more than two, it'd be worth making up a couple of simple wooden jigs? Then it's just a series of bends and some repetative welding?
  12. Vauxmods New Member

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    that basket would look real sweet with simple box troughs made from copper
  13. hi

    thanks for all the replies,the planters was having liners in them,customer did not want corners rounding of,said it would spoil them.cheers stu
  14. hi

    the thing on the door is another planter in a spider web style,cheers stu
  15. chunkolini

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    Like the spider web planter.
    I have made 2d spider webs, never thought of doing that.
    Idea filed away for the future.
    Could be good hay holders for Gothic's who are into their horses.

  16. Very wise words.
  17. hi

    thanks for the comment chunkolini,nice coming from a talented guy like yourself :clapping: i often thought of making some spiders for the garden,cheers
  18. GeorgeKelley Member

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    Lol Chunko - a burgeoning market?

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