Wrong job

  1. Am I in the wrong job?,well after Tuesdays experience I think I am.

    I saw the local scrap men collecting and on the back was a steel cabinet about 3X2 foot and 3 foot high, with a half inch steel top. Great I thought just what I need for the garage to weld on. I approached the man and asked would he sell it me. "Give us 60 quid and you can have it", he said. Somewhat shocked at the price he was asking I said, "What for a scrap cabinet that you probably got for nothing. "60 quid take ut or leave it", I said the whole load is not worth £60. Then came the shock, " That load is worth about 250 quid", he says.Not bad considering people give these collectors thing free. I am due to retire at the end of next month after nearly 30 years in the Emergency services. I certainly know what part time job to take up.Anyone else been stung by scrap collectors. In Future they will get nothing from me. Never knew the price of scrap was so high.
    Dave (future scrap collector) Sherwood.
  2. You should ask to see there waste carriers license then that uauslly shocks them. All scrap collectors have to have a waste ticket nowadays
  3. rtbcomp

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    Sheffield UK
    Not been stung by them apart from having scrap regularly stolen from my yard.

    Scrap iron/steel is worth in the region of 10p per kilo (£100 per tonne)

    A couple of years ago I used to dismantle white goods when work was slack, going as far as to strip the motors down into copper & ally.

    A washing machine would raise about £8 - £17,
    Electric cooker £8
    Microwave £5
    Dishwasher £6 - £11
    Vacuum cleaner £1
    Tumble drier £5
    Avoid fridges, TVs &c

    I even repaired a few items and sold them on.

    I got the items off Freecyle, and made a profit collecting them in my Volvo from all over Sheffield. And yes it did go through my books!

    Bear in mind there is rubbish to dispose of afterwards. I gave the concrete blocks out of washing machines to my neighbour's sailing club to anchor bouys with, plastic outer drums from washing machines can be used as planters (Freecycle) or they cut up easily enough with a cutting disc to fit in your dustbin (so I've been told).

    Trouble is everyone is at it now.
  4. rkde

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    Solihull, UK
    As a lad my dad always used to tell me "there's money in scrap" for many years I have been hoarding metal. I have a garage full of alloys, steels, stainless and off cuts. friends and family save stuff for me and I strip it down when I get chance. Normally before I go on holiday I cash it all in and see between £50 - £160 not bad for holding on to a bit of scrap. I have had arguments with scrap guys when they took a cooker from me to find all the value non ferrous had been removed :)

    When my granddad was on strike at land rover many many years ago he collected scraps of copper wire and melted the outer sleeve on the open fire and took the copper in, it made ends meet.
  5. Robotstar5

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    A neighbour gave me the old copper hot water cylinder when she was have central heating modernised so I could use the heater element, plumber doing the work was not pleased as he intended to weigh it in! :laughing:
  6. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    im going to add insult to injury here :(just for our tax paying citizens i know a few that are on over a few hundred a day they finish at 2pm then go in the pub on the pi ,.,.,.ss go home to dinner waiting on the table made by girlfriend who has 3 kids . they all look diffrent cos they got diffrent dads :whistle: girlfriend unduly gets benefits paid by u and me :mad:and the scraps tax free. well folks im off back to work just havin a half hour break for dinner sumone has to pay for them :laughing:HAVE A NICE DAY :rolleyes:
  7. NigelAylesbury Member

    "plastic outer drums from washing machines can be used as planters"
    What a great idea! :clapping: I saw some wooden ones at Homebase last night, about the same size as a washing machine drum - £30!
  8. the artfull-codger Member

    north yorkshire england
    Hi Dave I'm sorry but I must correct you on your grammar re scrapmen ''collecting'' more like scrapmen ''theiving'' I've recently had about £2000 worth of engineering gear swiped by them, they're the dross of society & as brightspark remarked most of them will be on benifits, plod was useless.I expect there's some ''honest'' ones out there, it's just that I've not come across them.

    slan go fol
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  10. steveselvage Member

    I would like to say that as a scrap merchant that collects from households and businesses that most of the metal i collect is bought,i have agreements with schools,garages etc.
    I take offence at being labelled as dross or a theif, i do this job as i was made redundant from a 30 year job and found that i am now virtually unemployable as im too old.
    If i get £100 from the yard then ive spent £40 buying metal £20 fuel and worked my arse off lugging it about.
    All so i can pay my own bills and at least get out and earn something.
    The scrap price is variable and at the moment the prices are quite good but a few months ago it was half the price.
    Please dont judge people by what they appear to do, i work till 5 six days a week and i can assure you that anyone in the pub by 2 has only earned half a days pay.
    We are not all theiving pikeys and i certainly would never choose to scrape by like this, the window cleaner earns twice what i do.
  11. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    hi there dont take it personaly :(its not directed at every person that collects scrap as been thievein '>??>?>?>?>because there not . theres good and bad in all buisneses .a few have had bad experiences with gear being stolen as i have myself . it tends to tar everyone with the same brush unfortunately . good on u for working rather than sat on backside doing nothing with your hand held out waiting for the benefit to roll in :laughing:
  12. oz. Member

    We didn't say that everyone collecting scrap are thieving little pikeys. But a majority are, the ones that everyone notices anyway.

    Everyone notices the bad drivers of 'boyracer' cars. Nobody remembers the normal driver in the same car. Same with everything else. You will all get labeled the same whether you like it or not, thats life.
  13. lexi Member

    Being a Slater I have always had a love affair with lead :whistle:

    Many years ago when employed on site the Site Agent asked what we were doing with the lead flashings from Chimneys we were knocking down,

    "Oh they get used for my Hobby " says I. "What's that" says he.

    " I melt the lead down and make them into soldiers " I explained.

    " What do you do with all them soldiers then?" he laughs.

    When I get enough I march the whole lot of em right down the scrappys.:laughing::laughing:

    High scrap price is useful. A mate done me a big favour flat bedding a Landy home. Thinking I owed him a right few quid he asked for my van which was off the road. It was scrap and it paid for me getting my truck home. I think he got £150 quid for it. Delighted I was.
  14. Normsthename

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    Leicester, UK
    A guy opposite me strips old catalytic converters out for the precious metals they contain.
    Not all of them contain precious metals, the guy knows from experience what fits what cars and could go on Mastermind identifying catalytic converters :laughing:
    When people come to sell him old cats, he always has a massive wad of notes in his pocket.........

  15. Waste carriers license has been in existance for a good twenty years plus, dead easy to get and a small fee, 90% of transit dwellers have one...
  16. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    im suposed to have one for carrying crap in my van :mad:i was told pay 150 quid in one go and it covers me for 3 years. i rang them up and said im not getting one :laughing:i dont carry crap in my van . i was asked where the crap was put . i either leave it with customers to dispose of or use the builders skip hence no licence :laughing:its only if the old bill stop u and they cant pin anything on u and they find crap they prosecute u make there quota up
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  18. dersbum Member

    hants/wilts uk
    Quote A guy opposite me strips old catalytic converters out for the precious metals they contain.

    there was a spate of catalytic converters getting nicked off cars around here a few months back.
    no idea how they did it but the first sign it had happened was that your car was noisy when started the next day. some people even took their cars to the garage because it was unusually noisy only to be told they had been stolen.

    luckily for once the feds caught the scum with a transit full of the catalytic converters:clapping: i bet they had fun trying to match them up to the rightful owners.
  19. richard s Member

    uk sheffield
    we had one of our rental cars burnt out over christmas last year at work and had about 4 different trucks with hiabs thinking they had the right to help them selves to the shell untill challenged and the response was always the guy on the street said we can have it. but on the other hand there was 1 guy that pulled up in the yard with his hiab and came in the office and offered to buy it from us which i thought it was decent of him to not think he could just help himself to it
    but then again we have got to work on a monday morning to find one of our tippers had all the rear wheels taken off the rear axle. we have heard a crashing steel sound to come out to find a guy in a transit had been helping himself to the fabrication firm next doors steel and drove off and had it drop off the back of his van
    and one of the lads caught someone laid under the back of one of our vans apparently looking for the computer shop :rolleyes: only to be told its not under there now f##k off
    this is a small number of incidents with the theiving scum
  20. Pete.

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    Kent, UK
    Good for you Steve, I've met all manner of scrappies over the years and some are what you see described above but many are decent honest people.

    In my job I generally generate a bit of scrap if I've got some demolition to do. If there's an amount of ferrous, say over quarter of a ton, I'll find a way of getting it to the scrapyard myself. Prices right now are very good. If there's not a lot or if the prices are low I'll wait until a scrappy pops in, but here's the thing:

    If they drive into the site uninvited they get told to get out.
    If they approach anyone but the site manager first, to get permission to come on site - they get told to go away.
    Some come with minors in the truck, they can't come on site either - not worth the risk.

    Some are a lot smarter though and have good manners. They park off-site and go straight to the site office like a normal delivery driver would, and ask for permission to come on site for scrap. I like these guys and generally will go right out of my way including helping to load them up. The last guy got over a tonne of steel and some ally off me, just because he had the courtesy to go about it properly. I even got his number for when I have some stuff that I just want shifted for free.

    There is a huge stereotype going on with scrappies and some of them fit it very well but it's not fair to tar them all with the same brush.