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    Hi there
    I have a clarke 100en turbo which i converted to run on large gas bottles after advise from this site and it has been working great for over a year :).
    Yesterday i had to change from .8 to .6 wire for some bodywork and the wire keeps jamming up.
    It always happens in the same place, between the motor driven roller and where the wire enters the liner, the wire seems to rise up and jam, this happens even if i am not welding but just feeding the wire through.
    I changed the wheel so the wire runs in the .6 slot and it was a new reel of wire, the only thing i did not change was the tip to a .6 one, i am still useing the .8 as i could not get hold of a .6 one.
    I have even moved the liner so there is the smallist possable gap between the liner and the wheel but it still jams, if i swap back to .8 everything is fine, any ideas please.
  2. shenion

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    When I ran Al wire in mine, I had to file the end of the liner to a V to get it real close to the rollers. You might try that.

    Could be liner is worn or dirty and the 0.8 is stiff enough to work,
  3. peterd51

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    I had a similar problem with mine and I found the torch has a spiral, metal tube that extends the liner to the tip...this was blocked with dust/rust off the wire...

    It's relatively easy to pop everything apart and blow the crap out and it was like a new welder afterwards.

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    Sounds like the bottom feed roller is slightly out of line. When you reversed it to the 0.6mm groove you may not have put it back exactly in line... they can be adjusted along the drive shaft before you tighten up the grub screw ;)
  5. Mouse Member

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    Thanks for the replys :).
    Will try the suggestions and let you know what happens.
  6. runnach Banned

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    If there is a snag issue between drive roll and business end, birds nesting can be avoided if you have the drive roll tension set correctly, not only will this prevent birds nesting when the wire does snag, it also alleviates excessive pressure on the drive roll motor, which in turn can increase drive roll longevity.
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  7. weldequip Member

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    That's a very good point Runnach, too much tension on the top roller will cause problems, and it's usually because of a blocked torch Lining; gradual deterioration in wire feed = natural reaction to keep screwing down the top tensioning arm... change the torch Lining & things will be much improved ;)
  8. runnach Banned

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    I can add to your valid points, even a change of tip can make a difference on wire pull performance. A new 18kg m/s spool may require a tad more tension to compensate the weight, of course, as the spool winds down with less weight to drag, wire speed has to be adjusted, but one forgets he/she has wound down an extra few lbs onto drive rolls, hence "birds nesting" so many possible scenario's, just a few tips for forum readers, maybe others can add to this?

  9. Paul the newby New Member

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    Most of the things I read on the specific problem you are having, point to the gooseneck in the torch like was previously said.
    The larger diameter wire will still poke through (for the time being) but will likely give you trouble in the future, UNLESS you blow some air through the torch neck and clear it out, then you'll be back in business.
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