Which paint stripper?

  1. franky Member

    I'm removing the engine bay and interior paint on a 240z project. Whats the best paint stripper for getting back to bare metal, i'm using some starchem stuff which works OK but just wondering what better stuff there is?
  2. droopsnoot

    droopsnoot Member

    I've had mixed results with paintstripper products. I've used some Nitromors on the roof of my project and it's OK with the top couple of layers (the blow-over), but has a job touching the original paint and primer below. If you get a scraper or knife and score into the paint that can help it penetrate.
  3. The problem with modern paint stripper is the E.U, They have passed a law on it must be dichloromethane free which was the active ingredient basically. the best stuff I have used is to buy 5L of Dichloromethane off eBay for about £10 and make it thick with either flour or wallpaper paste.
  4. graffian Seer unto the end of his beard

    The starchem stripper has dichloromethane and phenol in it..
  5. Chipper Member

    Strip & clean discs, a mix if grinder & drill ones should take care of most of the nooks & things, paintstripper for anything left.
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