what size generator do i need to a run my mig welder?

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    Hi all

    i'm having to move, but where i'm going theres no electric supply.

    my question is simple... what size generator will i need to run a 110amp Mig welde i use it for restoring my austin mini.

    is it possible to run a welder off a generator?

    can anyone help?

  2. Shug

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  3. Tractor Member

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    that is more than i thought, thanks anyway,

    i'll mayby hire one or try ebay or somthing

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    A 110 amp welder is about 2300 watts. But you want something considerably bigger as you will drive the generator nuts with all the changes in load. I would probably use 3500W gen.

    You also may have problems with spikes. A MIG may generate all kinds of spikes/noise. That may damage the generator; although most have no electronics in them.

    Renting one may be a good idea. They usually also have regular A/C outputs to drive tools/lights.
  6. bob_jones40 Member

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    so u guys are saying that a 1000 watt generator is not good enough for a for a 110 amp welder
  7. Justme

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    Not on our 230-250 v AC in the UK

    It will need a 5-8 amp supply so about 1100-1800w but like has been mentioned the start up surges will be double that. Bear in mind thats on max amps. If you are doing thin car panels then you will be running at 30-40 amps so only need 2-3 amp supply or 5-800watts. Still to much for a 1000w genny.

    Obviously if you are running differing voltages & phases then you will need to use your own cals to work it out. Personaly double the rated amount is about right. Also gets round makers over claiming the specs too.

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