Welding without a mask

  1. Ali

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    Hi, Any of you guys ever watched American Chopper (yeah, sad I know)? Those guys don't bother with masks when tacking stuff up and half the time don't even seem to be closing their eyes! I'd been told that even closing your eyes won't do the job as your eyelids are so thin, is that right? :eyepatch: Isn't a TIG arc supposed to be worse for you than MIG too? Is this just blatantly irresponsible programming, and will thousands of half blind Americans be crashing their choppers all over the show this summer...:laughing: I figure with an auto darkening mask whats the difference anyway?
  2. Wozzaaah

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    Done it myself and it's a really daft thing to do! Ok, so you close your eyes tightly so you don't see the arc, the result?....You don't hurt your eyes but you end up with a badly burnt face with white lines where you closed your eyes tightly! A couple of tacks might not do much harm but several tacks most definitely will! (I speak from experience on that one!) Not done it since I bought an auto mask though as there's absolutely no need to. ;)
  3. american chopper

    hi ali,
    american chopper is the reason i bought my tig 3 years ago,it does make welding a joy,watching them weld ali was it for me,went back to the uk after a holiday in spain and bought the lincoln,yes the arc from the tig is a lot more powerfull and shutting your eyes does nothing to protect them,i ended up having to buy a new spedglas mask as my old one wouldnt darken enough and i kept getting arc eye,even the welding glasses i wouldnt recomend as protection.(witch is what the guys from american chopper use)but hey the whole attitude of the program sucks!!!
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    Ive got an autodarken mask from Weldiquip, it's brilliant!
    The only problem is you have to remeber to flip it down again before starting to weld after having raised it to have a slurp of tea....OUCH!
  5. Hello all,

    as an aside but in no way is it a recommendation as of course it doesn't protect the rest of your face.

    I was told once that you can't get arc eye if you wear glasses.

    I wear glasses and always wear a mask when welding, both for protection and also so I can see the weld pool. However I have been in fabrication shops, maintenance shops and done my own welding for decades and have never suffered arc eye? So is it a myth or have I been lucky?

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    I got arc eye when i was age 22 from watching , and 39 years later still suffer from a gritty eye on that side ...:vsad:......Jaylo
  7. malcolm

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    Thats' the trouble with eyes. I've still got a bad one 2 years after scratching it when gardening. A lot of the time they don't recover fully and remain a disability for a lifetime.

    Never had arc eye though. Wearing a full face welding mask when welding helps there. There is no sensible alternative with electric welding even for tack welding.

    Amazing what those American Hotrod folk get up to - grinding without glasses or ear defenders, tacking up without a mask and not holding things properly in their machines. Guess they get paid sick leave. :laughing:
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  8. dutch2u2 Member

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    when I was weldind I used to use a flip front mask for a few years, then changed to the one where you could rase the shaded glass & leave the mask down. I got so many flashes because I forgot to drop the shaded glass down,my brain was thinking that if I was wearing a mask my eyes were protected. So I went back to the old mask!!!!!

  9. It was common practice when I was learning, many of us were still using lolly pops, so if you wanted to hold some'in the mask was the first to go, spent years of squinting or looking the other way..... as malc says funny things eyes, I have a similar injury, that happened years back, think it was just grit that rubbed funny, It took months of misery before it stoped feeling gritty and it seams the slightest foreign object in it know will have it streaming for hours.............

    American chopper gets on my wick, Rick and Vinnie, especially Rick is very skilled, The family know how to make money, thats it........ And of course all that gear is being only being used to do the one off productions shown on TV :rolleyes: hmmmm not whacking out mass production parts and bikes....
  10. migmag

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    I've spent many a happy hour laid under an old knacker holding a welding lens in front of my eye's patching chassis sections for test because the head shield was to bulky,Then suffering for days after with severe sunburn.

    And I've been sat in casualty with severe arch eye cos I didn't replace the battery's in my auto shield.

    All I have to say is.

    Don't learn by experience on this front!!!!

    Do it properly in the first place................................

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    Only once did I tack without a mask and ended up with a bad flash injury,never again have I done any welding without a helmet.
  12. ^neo^

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    ohhhhh, are you supposed to use a helmet when tacking...........

    Just turn your head the other way
  13. Ali

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    Yer, thought so. Bunch of losers anyway with all their Snap-On tool cabinets and water jet cutters and Miller TIG gear an all. I'm not jealous or nothing....

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    Maybe some people value their eyesight more than others , lol
  15. Ali

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    Yeah, I think those guys don't worry too much about their health whatoever - they don't often seem to bother with helmets when they're out riding - in the snow! Nevermind the risk of fatal head injury if you fall off but if you've ever been hit in the face by a bit of gravel at 50mph you'll never wear an open face helmet again! (Mind you, I expect those moustaches deflect most road debris...:laughing:)
  16. dstealth

    dstealth Citroen Restorer

    Do you know that for certain?! I thought that was their regular everyday workshop where it is filmed? Sorry to hijack the thread.

  17. Original the old man ran just the ironworks, structural steal, fab work standard stuff, made bikes as hobby, the early stuff was filmed when they were running under 1 roof..... machines like the water jet, and the CNC turning centers are knocking out standard's parts....... If you notice the CNC runs nearly all the time and has a dedicated operator...... just the water jet and the center alone must be neigh on a million$ of kit..

    As for the HSE stuff, well wouldn't advise welding without a lid, BUT the US government (despite the suing culture) does let small business get on with making money.... something I wish the pricks who goven us could learn a lesson in, If you wanna blind Yourself in Your shop, surely that should be your own bussiness..........
  18. migmag

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    Hear hear!!
  19. Ali

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    If you wanna blind Yourself in Your shop, surely that should be your own bussiness..........[/QUOTE]

    Yeah - sort of see where you're coming from, but at the same time, if you wanna employ people to watch you blind yourself in your shop - who will follow your example, and then film it to broadcast to thousands (millions probably) of influential kids etc, maybe not such a good idea!:hug:
  20. Co'mon Ali were hardly talking Victorian Mills, People should really take responsibility and get out of this lack of common sense, so sue em mentality, I think I had my own carpentry set from about 7 years old (with real tools!!!) and was using full powered, including welders from secondary school age, I learn't not to touch stuff thats sharp, pick up stuff thats hot, and not to put my face near large turning machines, Its a dose of common scene that will be instilled in my kids, and should be beaten into many adults in this country.....................Every Machine is pretentiously dangerous, and should be treated with respect.......... But to sanitize things to the extreme we have now is just breeding people who little can think for them selfs...;)
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