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  1. John MIG Member

    Hi all,

    I have a Murex 260 and I want to get a new torch, I currently have a heavy duty torch with a 5m span. The torch is just too large to weld smaller materials and the hose gets tangled up a bit.:(
    I don't wantto spend a fortune on a new one (its not really necessary, would be just nice to have) so can anybody point me to any online sites where I could get a good deal?
    Are secondhand ones any good? I attend a boot sale regularly and they appear there regularly but most of the time in bad condition.
    Also, has the torch to be a certain rating to suit my 260?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. John MIG Member

    MIg Gun

    Forgot to add, its the shroud/tip on the gun thats the main problem, I tried to weld inside 40mm box but couldnt fit the torch inside.
    Its a great torch for heavy/large stuff but for light stuff -no!!
  3. tigmann Member

    Assuming your murex has a "euro" connector Parweld do the whole
    range of torches which are quite reasonably priced and you can fit
    any size torch you like as long as you work within it's reccommended
    limits. So you could use a very small 100 amp one for restricted access jobs providing you don't turn the juice up too much and fry it.
    Most welding dealers can obtain Parweld torches and spares for you
    at a cost well below that of original manufacture torches.
  4. Justme

    Justme Member

    Pwllheli Wales
    Drop weldequipe a PM he will sort you out

  5. John MIG Member

    thanks a lot :)
    Just got in touch with a local welding supply shop and they have ESAB 3 & 4m torches on a special at €100 (I thought they would be more) so will give them a try......

    Thanks again
  6. Justme

    Justme Member

    Pwllheli Wales
    That sounds alot

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  7. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    I think i paid about £30 for a 3m parweld MB25, no idea what that is in euros thpugh.
    No reason why you cant buy an MB15 to go on for the odd job. You could use it on full power if you wanted, but torch life will be very limited.
    What wire do you run on 0.8?
  8. John MIG Member

    Hello all,

    I searched for the Parweld torches, prices range from £35 to £55 (€45 to €73) depending on amps, so adding P&P to the dearer torch its not far away from €100. The ESAB torch for €100 in the shop is suitable for up to 300A machines so probably just as easy to get that one.
    In addition, I live in Dublin & they like to try and rip you off here :vsad:
    I use 1.0mm wire but I think the next roll I get will be 0.8mm. The 1.0mm is a bit large for smaller sized material.

    Thanks for the response though. Much appreciated.:)
  9. weldequip Forum Sponsor

    The ESAB torches are much nicer quality than the Parweld & that's a bargain price ;)
  10. John MIG Member

    Torch Update

    Hi Guys

    Just an update, I had a look at the ESAB torch, nicely constructed piece but I just didn't fancy it. I opted for the original Murex torch instead in the 3m length - have to say its excellent. The torch is very compact & neat and no more tangled up cable with the 3m length. Was a little more expensive but money well spent imo :welder:
    Thanks again for all the responses.