Welding sequence for 10mm Fillet welds

  1. I need to weld 1500mm long pieces of 10mm 304 Stainless Steel together.
    They will be welded into a 'T' section and I will be welding 6" Fillet / 6" Gap / 6" Fillet etc.
    Fillet size will be 8mm
    Then on the other side I will repeat but weld the fillets where the gaps are on the first side....
    Hope I have made myself clear! :D

    What would be the best welding sequence to keep distortion to a minimum?


  2. hotrodder Member

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    Backstepped welding, preferably with 2 T-sections back to back (obviously not possible if you've only got to make one).

    Castings should be preheated now so got to go welding, at least it's cooler than last week
  3. Does this look like a good weld sequence?
    (Drawing is showing a plan view of the 'T' Section)
    Only problem I can see is welds 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 may have to be in the other direction because I can't weld left handed!


  4. Drains

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    Don't weld in a hurry Andy. That stainless will bend like a mutha. If you're not going to preset an opposite bend into it (so it straightens as it cools), then after each stitch, wait for the metal to cool completely, then check for flatness before you carry on. You can also restrain the steel until it's well cooled, and keep your fingers crossed.

    Trust me on this, you're making a potential banana.
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  5. That's what set my alarm bells ringing! :D

  6. TheJoker Member

    My beginnner logic would say that I'd clamp it to something big, and then tack as much as I can before putting down the actual welds. Trying to keep it straight in that way.
    Would I be doing it wrong, or what am I missing? :welder:
  7. runnach Banned

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    Andy, I,d look at welding using MMA process, no hanging around for heat build up, MMA will help reduce distortion, as others have said move the heat around to minimise distortion.........
  8. Yeah MMA would be my prefrance, very overlooked in the world of S/S these days, but genraly good results can be had.....
  9. What kit would I need to Stick weld these?
    Do you just use electrodes for Stainless?
    I am a bit rusty on stick welding :D
    But if it will produce a better finished item, then I will get some practise in to re-acquaint myself with stick welding :)

  10. 308L would run nicely and give a good bead appearance, same technique and equipment as Stick M/S welding, be worth running a few test pieces and seeing the results...
  11. runnach Banned

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    Remember to wait in next room till slag cools down a fair bit, SS slag has an uncanny knack of reaching areas other slag cannot reach :o
  12. if i were you mate i wud use mma and start at opposite ends to each other
    and opposite sides that way you will be distributing the heat more and it wont
    be concentrated on one side then

    if possible get a piece ov say 2 inch angle and tack:welder: it to the back ov the piece
    then you know for sure it isnt going to budge
  13. ting ting ting ting......
  14. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

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