VW Transporter T5 1.9 TDi85bhp

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    Hello Every one
    We have the VW Van Model as in the Title , It needs a new Interior Heated Blower Motor Part Number 7H2 189 021B .
    Not being a motor mechanic I am finding it extremely difficult to sort out the correct motor for our van , there are dozens and dozens of the same thing .
    Would some one with expertise help me please , it will be so easy for me to buy the wrong part , which is what I want to avoid. Thank you for your help in advance. Happy Christmas desmo11225
  2. Tengtooltom Member

    Join one of the T5 Forums, or the Transporter pages on Facebook. you will get sorted out on one or the other

    Are you sure that it`s the motor thats the problem? Does it work on speed 4? If so, you need the resistor on the side of the heater housing, around £15.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WHS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Very often the resistors if it is a manual speed control or a thermal fuse if it has 'climate control' and usually caused by trying to de mist the screen when the air flow is restricted by leaves or snow in the intake.
  4. carbon

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    If its in the same position as the 2.5tdi (09) then it’s possible to remove it to check without dismantling the dash. A little tight to extract but possible