v8 capri half xpack Classic for featured !!

  1. xpackken Member

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    hey guys.hope all is well with my fellow car lovers its been to long, im on the look out for a new toy though :)

    Anyway just thought i would post this up , its a short blog about my old v8 capri,
    And it gives a little insight in to car bodwork and what goes into it !

    Ps. Im by no means a writer ;)

    check out the link below, enjoy !

  2. zx9

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    Very nice looking car now, just one thing though the chrome bumpers look a bit out of place, especially on the front view.
  3. xpackken Member

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    Hiya mate , the kit was a half xpack made for a mk2 , i fitted it to the mk3 and original mk3 bumpers wouldnt go back on due to them wrapping around the body and the body was wider after the kit wss fitted ! So i had to fit mk2 jobbies !
    Think they would look better if they were black ! I just didnt want to paint them as the chrome was mint and there particulary hard to find in that condition ;)
  4. zx9

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    If it were mine I think I would be looking to stretch some mk3 bumpers, if you had to hide it you could gain an inch or so each side behind the over riders. 1/4 bumpers like a mexico might look good at the front, but not with the mk3 wrap around ends.
  5. jpmillermatic Member

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    I really like the stance, aggressive look and attitude that car has.....the "face" where the hood slightly covers the tops of the lights from the angle you took the picture at makes it look like it has purpose and is ready to go...

    That car has a more modern look now with what you have done and it surprised me just how nice it came out!....Now I see what you saw...its "potential"

    Are those original tail lights?...they almost look Porsche 944 of that era....

    A little chrome here and there looks good...I like it....

    wonderful transformation!

  6. hareng Member

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    They are original rear lights used on all mk3 from 78 to 87.

    Blacks best colour on those, suits it well had mine changed from silver.
  7. howardm

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    Takes me back to my racing days.
    Dave Brodie used to race these all in black.
    A less extreme version of the magnificent Zakspeed turbos, they really were awesome.
    The Zakspeeds would have got onto the F1 back row in those days.

  8. xpackken Member

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  9. stuvy Member

    Iv seen this at a few of the ford shows, its a really nice car.
  10. excossack Member

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    Are those pictures taken in Birkenhead?
    Nice work and another Wirral MIG Welder member! Starting to grow in numbers now.
  11. bullet Member

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    looks awsome, i like the crome bumper on the front
  12. Superbad Member

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    Beautiful Capri,need to get me one sometime. I'm doing wide arches on my Sierra from metal panels instead of the fibreglass that is used on the thundersaloon kit that I have.
  13. stuvy Member

    Start a thread up please I'm a huge sierra fan
  14. Superbad Member

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    It's in it's early stage,and I've not furthered it due to other matters on my fleet of Sierras
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