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  1. bruteforce Member

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    hello could anybody tell me what the tank pressure should be when you buy it full the tank is probobly 3 1/2 feet high anyway i got another tank tonight night and there is only about 200 psi i think it sould be more than that in thanks
  2. clevinski Member

    Hi... what type of gas? In what mix? I have a tank, approx. 2 feet high, with a 75% argon/25% CO2 mix. I've been using it for a month or two, and it's down to 1500 psi. I don't think the tank size influences the pressure; the larger tanks just hold more gas volume.
  3. shenion

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    My argon tanks have about 2000 PSI full. ArCo2 is about the same.

    My CO2 tank is about 900 psi.
  4. malcolm

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    Not 200 bar then (3000psi)? Mine normally arrive from BOC with something like 220 bar inside them. 200psi would be empty.
  5. bruteforce Member

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    my tank is 75% argon 25%co2on the inside numbers onon rugulater it is around 200 i used a tank for about 6months then got new gauges and the tank maybe read 600 so when i put the new one on it it did not read as high as the one i had already used for 6 months so i must have got a empty tank thanks
  6. bruteforce Member

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    and another thing the needle hardly is moving of of its stopper
  7. clevinski Member

    I got a tank of 75% argon/25% CO2 from my cousin that he thought was full, and it was the same thing; the gauge barely moved off the stopper. Took it to a refill place and they said it was empty. It was a reputable place, been in business for many decades, great reputation from people that use them.
  8. Sanny

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    My argosheild bottle is filled to 220 bar and thats about 3 1/2 feet tall(allthough it's empty at the moment:()
    I got a tank from boc it is a argoshield universal size Y and it was supposed to be filled with 220bar, but when I got it home it only said 110 bar on the gauge, I thought that gauge may be faulty so lucky I have a spare and tried that and that also said 110bar, so it was back in the car to boc for a exchange which the did after putting their gauge on to check it.
    When you are paying a lot of money for a bottle you want to be sure it is full
  9. bruteforce Member

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    hello so today iwent and took tank back got another and tried it and it read about 2000psi so it turns out they gave me a basically empty tank but everything was fine thanks a lot for all the info guys
  10. co2

    hi just got a new bottle it ment to be full it reads 50 bar and 900 psi is it a full one or half full stands 33inchs high
  11. shenion

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    As it is liquid, CO2 will always read about 900 PSI until it is just about empty. Then it will drop fast.
  12. ok thanks mate
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