Startrite Mercury pillar drill.

  1. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Afternoon all,
    Well ive finally managed to get 5 mins to go and collect the Startrite mercury drill i won on ebay about 4 months ago (from RBeadle on here) it needs a little tlc and im waiting for a 3 phase inverter to arrive (ebay £26) but it needs a chuck key,i think its a mt2 chuck,so are they industry standard keys or all different?

  2. Endacy

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    Kent, UK
    I had the same dilemna when I needed one (and now I need another, for a 16mm MT2 chuck!) so I took the chuck to my local Cromwell Tools and asked them to supply me one that fitted, that way I knew it was right. I got a good make one for about £4.

    Of course that only works if you have a tool supplier nearby. I am lucky and have several.
  3. TIG Paul

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    Most pillar drills will use a K3 key, K2 is for 1/2" pistol drill chucks, and K0 for the small 3/8" pistol drill chucks.
  4. Drains

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    If you're in Embra at all Joe, drop into Wilkinsons (Arthur St, back of Pilrig St and Leith Walk) - ideally with the chuck, and they'll sort you out. Alternatively if you're feeling rich, get a new quick release chuck from Cromwell or J and L. Make sure of course its an MT, not Jacobs taper, although you can get chucks for either.
  5. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Thanks chaps,i might try wilkinsons one day Si, ill check the numbers on the chuck tomorrow but im pretty sure its a 16mm MT2 (and its got 10 speeds woohoo!:clapping:)...will probably only use 2 of them tho! :ashamed:)
  6. RedOrZed Member

    I second this, a QR chuck is worth it's weight in glod.

    If you find a cheap chuck on fleabay with no arbor, I've got some JT to MT2 arbors at the back of a drawer - Cromwell were flogging them cheap so I bought some :laughing:
  7. Sounds like I've got the same drill (high/low lever on the quill ?) It's definitely a MT2 taper. Go for a QR chuck - I got an Albrecht off Ebay for £20, it's makes life so much easier

    If you need an arbor and haven't got a engineering place local then have a look at
  8. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Thanks Jim,
    I might have a look on the bay, i was trying to work out what the lever on the side was,mine says 'On & Off@ at 90deg to each other,is this right?

  9. astro_al Rocket Scientist

    Could be, I have a meddings drill with a rotary switch which just alternates on-off-on-off as you turn it. This way when 'on' no matter which way you turn the switch it will move to 'off' - probably a safety feature?

  10. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    That sounds like it Astro al, Mine is a shaft that sticks out that someone has welded a bit of bar onto,infact its missing quite a few knobs etc, (must have a knob thief)

    Ive found a business card from a firm called team rewinds that did some work on it,so ive emailed them to ask if they know any history,it looks like a fairly new motor (375w) on it.
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