Startrite mercury manual

  1. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know where i might be able to download a manual for a Startrite mercury 10 speed pillar drill,ive done a google search but cant find anything,im maybe looking in the wrong place :ashamed:

    Can anyone point me to one.

    Many thanks

  2. Endacy

    Endacy Member

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    Kent, UK
  3. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    Thanks endacy,
    Im sure i tried them a while ago and they tried to find me one but said they could'nt locate one either hard copy or pdf etc.

    I shall keep searching.
  4. Tigman Member

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    Watford UK
    Machine spares Ltd ( )
  5. Bigjoe Here,there and everywhere!

    I'll give them a bash,thanks tigman.
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