Stack of dimes

  1. Hello out there. (Don't worry, my mother was British so I can translate. :laughing: )

    I often see "bragging" photos of welding that has the "pushed over stack of dimes" look. Here's what I mean:


    A few questions...

    1) Does that really indicate a better weld?
    2) How is that done? By changing the arc length as you weld?
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    1. It shoes the weld was done with some weaving of the torch instead of a straight line. That widens the bead and may increase penetration. "Better" depends on if you want a wider weld.

    2. That is done by using a zig-zag motion. Looks like very small side to side motion in weld. Usually done with zig-zag motion with a bit of curve in the lines.
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    Tig welding can look like a chain of circles, I've seen Mig welding done to look like Tig, probably by stop-starting which would make it weeker than a decent seam, so i think it depends on what you want, and what you're using.
  4. Could be done on a pulse on pulsy synergic machine, if set up right they are supposed to produce near TIG quality welds. But you won't find a good one for less than 6000 quid
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    I've often heard this termed as 'fish scale welds'.

    This shows the welds on my mountain bike frame (GT Zasker LE). Its 6061 T6 alli. I think the welds look like a work of art ! would love to be able to weld like that! :artist:
    • 6061 T6.JPG
  6. To get a weld like that you would proberbly be walking the cup or simlar technique to achive the symetry, its makes a nice apperance but boy it's hard work.
  7. Fish scales

    Em... Walking the cup? What's that?
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    Walking the cup - Keeping the ceramic touching the work, rolling the tig torch left and right, and walking it along the job, keeping the filler wire in the weldpool. Gives a very smooth appearance to the weld and can be very fast, compared with the usual style of tigging.
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    Mig welds can be done like that "chain tacking" and is as strong as a seem if done correctly.

    I sometimes had to do it on steel work if it was visable.....

    Takes alot longer but does look good and is bloody tidier.
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    A good steady hand helps a lot with tig in place where you cant rest the ceramic.

    As for mig, set it slightly cooler than maybe you'd normally have, and do a back and forth motion. Will give the apperance, and youll have the time to control the weld.
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    I hate the look of that welding.............looks like a Ragworm!

  12. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

    Sefton, South Island, NZ
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