SIP Migmate problems!

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    Hi there I have just bought a cheap but hardly used SIP Migmate 130. Reviewed as best in Practical Classics, but dismayed to see it rubbished in this forum!!
    The wire feed does not appear to work properly and does not appear to push the wire through. I can pull gently on the wire and it feeds with the motor going. However,it almost feels as though there is a regular tight spot as it is pulled. The wire is slighly rusty which I know will not help. Any ideas please?
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    Change the liner in the torch As it will have been filled with crud from the rusty wire, get some new wire (non rusty). Check that your using the correct side of the feed wheel for the size wire that your using. After that back the tension right off and add a little at a time until the feed wheels just bite on it then a smidge more. That should help.
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    Definately get rid of the rusty wire - the rust acts as a lubricant on the rollers causing slip, and as an abrasive on the liner causing friction. Giove the rollers a good clean with a cloth and maybe some degreaser too after removing the rusty wire.

    SIPs can be made to work - there are lots of people on the forum who have them, but the wire feed does sound less tollerant to faults elsewhere in the welder than some other makes. Just means everything needs to be in tip top condition (which it should be anyway). New liner is good advice too.
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    I threw my SIP 130 in a skip after getting fed up with the floor covered in MIG wire and only short bursts of welding done before the wire feed gave problems again (it was a few years old). The SIP has to be the most unreliable machine I've owned. I would never buy another one.

    In contrast my Clarke was very good. But let down by low duty cycle. I was happy to sell that one.

    I've gone for a professional set this time, I didn't want all the hassle you sometimes get with smaller machines.
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    OK, so what have you gone for? In your profile you only have an arc.
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    I was given a SIP 195 and I've got it working but I wouldn't buy one, although I've obtained much better results than with my Clarke 90EN.

    I replaced the torch liner, swan-neck & liner, tip & shroud and idler roller. I cleaned the feed roller which was very dirty.
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    Throw away your wire and replace the black plastic liner the lastest SIP migs have a steel liner. you might also think about turning your top tension roller around and give it a clean with some emery cloth
    Welduk team
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    Oh dear! the old Sip 130 takes another pounding he he! I had one for years and they can be made to weld. Also it never broke......apart from blocked up liners etc. Start with a new liner kit Steve does one for 20 quid. It has a bicycle wire type liner. Theres a useless lil allen grub screw that stops neck from doesn`t . I took it out tapped it and put a 4mm stud in it cut short to sit flush. Hacksawed a slot in it to screw in and out. Swan neck don`t turn when you weld

    If you know where they fail they are easy got going again. The rusty wire? I mean you can`t blame that on Sip. Sometimes they burn back into the liner in swan neck and wire is stuck in there. Keep tension properly set and tip and shrouds clean. I find with the hobby shrouds if you get spatter build up your welding is poor. Use Tip Dip and notice the difference welding with a nice clean shroud ........much better response and clean weld.

    I wonder how many of Sip 130 has been sold? Mine did some amount of work. A guys got it and still going strong.

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    Hi all, I have had a migmate 130 turbo for the last 15 years and, due to all the problems discussed here, used it only when there was no other choice. I had tried everything to effect a cure but to no avail. Eventually, (In desperation) and having nothing to lose, I ran copious amounts of WD40 down the length of the liner. Result? It works perfectly with no sticking and welds a treat. It may not be the approved practice but it works for me!
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    Old post but one that needs refresh. HEY Americans (myself included), Nothing works all the time. Not you Toyota, or Hyundai, or your GMC (made in china) Jeep. They come with warranties because they break or fail. When the warranty expires you don't just throw it away. You roll up your sleeves (so as not to get turd rings on your forearms), reach up your ass and pull out some intellectual fortitude and fix the damn thing. or wimper to home depot and ask some greasy haired tool if he knows somewhere that sells a box with a new unit that you AND your wife will like. Jeez
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    I've had my MM150DP turbo since new, I've gone the mods and I'm happy with it.
    I'm aware it's not as good as say a Butters but its never let me down and was cheap.
    I've learnt to work with what I have and adapt.