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  1. stevemof New Member

    I'm new(ish) to welding, using for car body stuff mainly and have had patchy success. Obviously there's nothing like practice, but I need help with working out what all controls mean, as the leaflet that came with the welder was very basic and I suspect I'm wasting a lot of wire and gas!

    I know that wire speed is crucial. But the control panel has no numbers at all and what's all the Max Med and Min about?

    Does the panel on the top give me any clues as to settings I should use?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. shenion

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    Power settings according to the manual:


    The max switch is up to use the min/med settings.

    You can use the MIG settings calculator. Use 25 and 170 amps with 6 settings.
  3. BChild

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    Copied from my Cosmo SIP 170 thread

    Not for any other reason that I could understand this - shenion's post is a good explaination but pictures are handy

  4. BChild

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    PS best advice I can give is get a replacement pot for the wire speed - either a 5 turn or 10 turn - the std .75 turn pot is way too difficult to trim
  5. stevemof New Member

    Ah! The penny drops. Thanks for the help.
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