SIP 130T - Wire Feed Rollers....

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    Hello all!

    I'm a long time welder, first time poster, although I've used the site before for tips etc.

    I've had a bit of a look through the old posts and as this is such a common problem I realise I am likely to have missed a relevant post, so I apologise if I'm in old ground!

    I have an SIP 130T MIG welder with a wire feed issue, no surprises there by the looks of it! I have already added a reinforcing plate a long time ago to help the roller stay vaguely in line, although I'm now wondering if it would help to replace the rollers themselves or if this akin to putting an elasto-plast on a broken arm?

    I have found these on ebay and wondered if anyone had found that they make a difference? -

    Ideally I would obviously replace the welder I know, but £11 is a lot more manageable than £500+, but even then I don't want to spend money without good cause if it will mean changing the rollers and making 0% difference!

    I curse 'Practical Classics' for recommending that we all buy SIP 130's all those years ago!
  2. rtbcomp

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    Sheffield UK
    With the wire clamped in place between the rollers there should be a very small gap between them and the rollers should lie parallel.

    If the rollers are running against one another this could indicate a worn groove and the easiest way to fix that would be new rollers.

    On my SIP 195 the plain roller is a standard ball bearing.
  3. p0689109 Member

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    The "Practical Classics" product test and prices quoted need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Good as a starting point. I asked them to break down the points awarded into the actual points they give for each "performance" area that they give for testing them instead of a total number so you could see the weaker aspects more clearly but it fell on deaf ears.
    Cheers, Michael T
  4. MIGtastic New Member

    Apologies for the bizarre time-lapse here, time got away with me and I haven't seen my welder since posting this, but thank you for the quick replies!

    Michael - Well, to be fair to Practical Classics, the machine did work beautifully for a few years, but it has not grown gracefully with age and is slowly becoming bionic!

    rtbcomp - I will have another look at the rollers when I eventually get to see the lump again and check for a gap, but I suspect that there is not one present.

    Again, apologies for the delay, but your comments are greatly received.