scroll bender

  1. adey80

    adey80 Member

    seen this in machine mart will it be any good for making scrolls??
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  2. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    Not really Adey, it's a parts bender rather than a scroll former.
  3. adey80

    adey80 Member

    I tried to make a diy sroller and gave up so I am looking to buy one, any ideas where i can get one??
  4. willie w Member

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    fife scotland
    hi bud send me you email and i send you plans av email
  5. bawjaws Member

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    er, willie, can i hav one too:D
  6. algreenplus3

    algreenplus3 "InIt"

    Me too willie w

    Thanks very much:clapping:
  7. JimM

    JimM Member

    Go on then, copy me in as well please.:hug:

    Not sure if this is the sort of thing Wozzaah could add to his library so we could download direct - he may want to keep it striclty to books though

  8. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    There are a few files that aren't ebooks on there already so I'm happy to add anything anyone thinks may be useful to other members to 'the library'.
    If anyone has anything they think may be of interest, drop me a PM letting me know what it is ;).
  9. T2P New Member

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    Me three. thanks
  10. aametalmaster Member

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    Salem Ohio USA
  11. stucktoweld Member

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    Can you count me in as well Wille:cool:
    I think your plans might be a tad cheaper that the above:whistle:
  12. stucktoweld Member

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    sod it i got caught this is a old thread ?????
  13. aametalmaster Member

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    Salem Ohio USA
    You don't need plans just look at the pics get some ideas and build it to suit...Bob
  14. ghound

    ghound Member

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    norn iron
    I bought this one about 10 years ago and it has made at least 1000 scrolls.
    Hope the pics help.
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  15. Seano

    Seano Formerly known as Wheelchairwelder

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    Ah..Ha...ghound I recognise this, it's from a company called Metalcraft in Hull, and am just in the process of buying there master workshop....:cool:

  16. astro_al Rocket Scientist

    Does that mean you'll be selling tools? Details?

  17. chunkolini

    chunkolini celebrity artiste

    Wheelchair welder
    I have their master strip worker, a fantastic piece of kit, everything I have made has been done using that. I flogged the scroll maker and twister as I dont do that kind of work, but they are great bits of kit. I have been using mine for about 8 yearswith not a single problem. Ok I did wear some of the knurling off the drive wheel by rolling 10mm stainless bar, a lot of it. Take time to mount it properly on the bench so their is room for long pieces of stripto go in and out. It says on the packaging 'A business in a box' for once the maker is not bulling us.

    I have just bought their big XL5 Power bender, even more aweseome, does edge bending as well. When I have a bit of spare time I will put up a post about it with a link to their site etc.

  18. ghound

    ghound Member

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    norn iron
    Thanks for that, i forgot who made them as i bought them a long time back, and i needed a punch for the other machine i bought from them.
    It's a handy wee tool for cutting the flt bar to length before scrolling it.
  19. chunkolini

    chunkolini celebrity artiste

    A 'handy wee tool'
    A bit of understatement there!
    " Shearing : 25mm x 5mm (flat strip), 6mm (square bar), 6mm (round bar/wire)
    Punching : 5mm diameter hole in up to 5mm thick material, 3mm diameter hole in up to 3mm thick material, 6mm diameter hole in up to 3mm thick
    Riveting - 5mm diameter rivet
    Bending - 25mm x 5mm (flat strip), 10mm round, 10mm square bar. Angle of Bend Achievable - 180° to 60°
    Rolling - 25mm x 6mm or 30mm x 5mm flat strip, 10mm round, 10mm square bar

    Handy wee tool. Jolly handy more like.

    I will put up a post re the biger version when I get time.

  20. ghound

    ghound Member

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    norn iron

    Can't say i use it for all that it's capable of, but here's something i use regurarly, a hand bender. I have three hand tools ( scroller, the shearer tool and a bender) that have been made to fit a kind of quick fit mounting on the end of my welding table to save space.
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