Scrap prices anyone?

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    Hello dears :D

    Me and OH are deep into the renovation of the Victorian farm cottage that we moved into a few months ago, and while it's a gorgeous little place and set in a fantastic location, we've got a lot on :whistle:.
    Unfortunately, the previous encumbent was a DIY nightmare, he did everything himself and has made a total b***s up of it all :mad:. At the moment, we've had to rip ALL the heating/water pipes out, most of the walls are back to bare brick while they dry out from 15 years of leaks :o, there's no floor in the living room and all the "floorboards" are gone from upstairs. I use the term "floorboards" very loosely as they were made from offcuts of plywood and fastened in line with the joists rather than at right angles to them. And don't mention the electrics, they're incredible!! The place has to be seen to be believed and the only thing stopping us from crying about it is the thought that we can visualise it when it's all done, and we have angels for neighbours. She's a plumber, he's an electrician, and you could't ask for better people next door.

    Anyhoo, to date we have a large pile of old radiators, some old cast iron water pipe that was buried in the garden, and a growing collection of copper pipe. Will I get much if I weigh it all in or is it easier just to recycle it? The only trouble with it is that we live out near Spurn Point, it's a 30 mile round trip to Dull, and I don't know where the local scrappies are although as I've recently started driving an artic for a galvanizing firm therein, I can probably call after work?

    Thanks all.

  2. rtbcomp

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    I got £3.40 per kilo on clean copper pipe a couple of weeks ago.

    At a guess betwen 5 and 10 p.kilo for iron & steel.

    Remove the joints and weigh them in seperately otherwise they will reduce the price for the pipe. You may also better off seperating steel and cast iron.
  3. mike os

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    Scrap is geting good prices at the mo
  4. Hello Mike,

    funny you should say that, our local scrapyard has just cleared his yard, I wondered if it was a price thing?

  5. brightspark

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    2 rite is it :laughing:they hoard it till the price rockets then sell

    i just took sum bright copper cable in and got £1000 FOR IT 4.50 A KILO
  6. pidgeon chit welder sticking metal since 1962

    Sort the scrap into the various heaps and sit on it till you find a scrappy then one day whilst doing your normal busines drop by the scrappy and get yer beer tokens for the scrap.

    If you have time inclination cut off all the soldered joints for that is brazery and not quite as valuable as dirty copper .
    Split off all the brass as well , for again dirty brass is worth more than brazery
  7. rtbcomp

    rtbcomp Moderator Staff Member

    If you have enough sort it further into clean (yellow) brass and chromed, taps &c mixed brass.

    As for the cable, it's worth more stripped, but worth something covered. I generally strip the earthwire out and discard the outer sheath. Don't be tempted to burn it, you could get nicked if you're caught with burnt cable.

    Someone here made a very neat cable stripper.
  8. Pete.

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    Copper is through the roof right now. My workmate took in 2 small sacks of stripped T&E and got over £100

    Steel is doing well too, especially considering that a year ago Corus were giving £0 a tonne.
  9. the snooper

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    have a look here it will give you a rough estimate of scrap prices
  10. robkav Member

    Last week i was getting £3.80 per kg clean copper
    2.80 mixed brass
    1.20 stanless steel
    1.20 unstriped cable
    and £140 per ton on light iron ( general crap)
    Just working on a simple cable stripper design so i can get more of the good stuff.
  11. brightspark

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    heres one i made
    • 003.jpg
    • 004.jpg
    • 005.jpg
    • 002.jpg
  12. rtbcomp

    rtbcomp Moderator Staff Member

    That's the one I was thinking of
  13. robkav Member

    Looks like a good bit of kit, but out of my legue i'm thinking of a manual vice mounted thing like the econostrip
  14. brightspark

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    il be quite honest with u the manual stripper or the ones that run of electric drills are a total waste of time . i did look into them to copy. have a look on u tube at them running :whistle:there pratting about with thin cables hardly worth the time and bother :(mine will crush split 2.5mm up to 25mm double insulated cables which takes a lot of force and is worth doing taking the time into acount . i,have a slitting wheel and disks to run down steel wire armoured at a great rate of knots mine cost me 200 quid to make . it took 2 of us 9 hours to strip a large bundle of cable on the machine and got £1000 for it
  15. Robotstar5

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    =£55 ph nice work if you can get it! :D
  16. Very nice machine , what I dont understand from the link to the scrap prices is why is stripped copper cable getting a higher price than heavy copper ? I am assuming by heavy copper thats stuff like unplated copper busbar etc which I would have thought would get the best price ?
  17. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
  18. mymini86

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    Does anyone know how much is 15 kg roll mig wire worth in scrap?

    Are they made from copper?
  19. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

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    It's not made from copper - it just has a thin (*coppery looking) coating on it, to help stop it from corroding.

    All the Best,

    * The coating may even be copper, but there's not much of it on there. Steel is what you're really depositing into the pool!
  20. rtbcomp

    rtbcomp Moderator Staff Member

    About thirty bob at a guess.
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