SAFMIG 215C - Manual sought

  1. stingray4 New Member

    My youngest is an Apprentice Welder, being such he refused to use my anchient ARC, so I have bought him a secondhand MIG. However it has no manuals and I can't locate one on the net.

    This one has dials, with my old faithful ARC you just change the size of the sticks.

    Any help would be appreciated and am willing to pay any costs
  2. zzr1200

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    The best I can find seems to be the parts list.
    I can't attach it here as the file is to big, pm me an email address to send it to.


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  3. gavuk

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    Welcome to the forum stingray ,may get good advice if you can post a picture of the mig welder..........Gav
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