Removing Scratches From Perspex, Plexiglass, Acrylic, &, Polycarbonate (Lexan)

  1. Bruce

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    I am a inmate of a forum and one of our members Ruskie was demonstrating how to remove scratches from the windshields of bikes by polishing them out. I was dubious and asked if he could demonstrate the process. So he deliberately defaced his bike to prove the point. I am impressed enough that I thought some peeps here might want to cash in on his expertise. here

  2. Nice find Bruce. I have an old tall screen off of a Deauville with a few scratches in it, may try that for myself.
    Thanks for posting it. :clapping:
  3. fingers99 Member

    Good stuff. I'd always thought about doing something like that, but never got round to trying it. 180 grit scratches are a pretty stern test!
  4. zardoz

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    I have heard of this being done with jewelers rouge, dunno if that works. hats off to the man though he scratched his own screen to prove it.
  5. peterd51

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    I've used 'BT Paste, Polishing' in the past, similar stuff to the old polishing paste for cars ('Solvol Autosol'?). I've also used T-Cut for fine scratches...kept my spectacles going an extra six months once!

    I'd have been a bit wary of using actual wet'n'dry though. Thanks for the tip!

    How about stone chips in car windscreens?

  6. Robotstar5

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    I seem to remember some one using toothpaste to polish scratches on crash helmet visors!
  7. Seano

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    Good ole Brasso works a treat we used to use it on ROV Perspex / polycarb camera bubbles.

  8. peterd51

    peterd51 happy to be here!


    it's been a while since I've seen Brasso but now you mention it, it does seem, AIR, very similar to standard T-Cut.

  9. Wozzaaah

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    Sort of hijack but does anyone know of a way to remove 'significant' scratches from a 2 day old LCD tv? My brother's little girl 'modified' his 32" screen by running something hard across it several times.
    We're thinking it's most likely gonna be an insurance claim, shame he's only had it a couple of days.:(
  10. REVIVIFY New Member

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    Poly Scratches

    I have access to a company that specialises in poly and other product refurbishment. Happy to send details if anyone has problems with this. I have seen it used on large scale products, Bus shelter and advertising panels very effectively

  11. the snooper

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    think he will have had it woz as the screens are a sort of satin finish and polishing would put a gloss on it.

    guess he has a 3d screen now:whistle:
  12. Drains

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    Will it work on me specs?
  13. madkayaker

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    Any one know how to remove scratches from head lights lasses car looks like its been done over with sander
  14. Chipper hammer-based life form

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    Apparently there are glass polishing kits/gear, did a hunt as my Landy screen looks a bit like the Somme... not bought/used any yet though. Seemed OK for fine scratches. All hearsay though so take it fwiw.
    Autosol, toothpaste, G3 etc work on plastic, have revived CDs with those and things like lenses on compressor gauges etc.
  15. T-cut works well for glass headlamp lenses, especially at this time of year for getting rid of baked-on fly guts! Most bikes nowadays have plastic lenses and I've used Xerapol polish to good effect on these.
    I also use Micro Mesh finishing cloths for stone chips and scratches on plastic. They are extra fine wet & dry sheets that start from 1500 grit and go to 12000 grit. Modellers and jewellers use them.
  16. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    Well, he's been putting up with the scratches for 18 months now.......strangely enough that's almost as long as this thread is old! :whistle:

    Does anyone know if the products work on eyes?
  17. the snooper

    the snooper getting older by the day

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    eye suspect not :whistle:
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